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Sony shows Move RTS unit selection


Didn't think it'd work? Looks like you were wrong.

A new Move demo video has shown a Sony staffer "painting" typical RTS units on both a zoomed-in and zoomed-out battlefield.

The motion device is seen selecting both single and multiple units, while the smaller Navigation Controller is used to move a map around with its thumb-stick.

RUSE developer Eugen Systems demoed its game working with Move in July, despite the fact the new control method had only been incorporated into the RTS "four or five weeks" before showing it off to the press.

RUSE releases in 2011.

Move's Richard Marks told CVG earlier this month that he believed Move would best mouse and keyboard as an RTS controller, speaking in London, and predicted Move will impact future RTS design.

"You really feel like this general or god-like person that can manipulate huge armies," he said.

"I think that with Move would feel way better than a mouse for that, for example, and doing things that require some 3D information is much better with Move.

"The RTS genre has been designed not to require any 3D information, but having that extra dimension and all the angle data that we have too is also very interesting."

Watch the video below from 1.55 onwards.

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And you can watch the RUSE Move functionality below (thanks, humanfish):

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