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Sony patent shows a PSVR which supports Bluetooth and transparent view

Sony may have promised to continue supporting current PlayStation VR headsets, but that should't keep it from releasing an updated version.

A patent for a new PlayStation VR model filed in February as surfaced, via LetsGoDigital.

What's most interesting is that the headset is wireless, which means it would take advantage of Bluetooth. Another interesting note in the patent, is transparent view, which would allow users to see their surroundings instead of being completely blacked out.

The view would of course dissipate as a game is started, but transparency would also make it possible for AR-style apps and games.

Images in the patent also show two front-facing cameras, one on the back of the headset, and one included in a Move-style controller. Another camera is also shown as additional option, similar to the current PS Camera. A separate camera would be able to analyze and track movement of the head mounted display.

It also makes note in the patent of the option for two separate displays, one for each eye.

Hit up the link to LetsGoDigital for a full breakdown of the patent.

Sony has yet to announce it's working on a new iteration of PSVR, but if it is, we'll likely hear more about it closer to PlayStation 5's launch in holiday 2020.

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