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Sony: No PS4 until you've finished your PS3


When's the PS4 coming out? That's the question on everyone's minds, because...

Wait! No it's not! The PS3's only just getting started!

So said SCEA CEO Jack Tretton in an interview with Fast Company.

"We've just passed the third year of the PlayStation 3 and we're just hitting our stride. And I don't think anyone is saying, 'This is a five-year cycle; what's new on the horizon?' I can't even imagine what can be done technically beyond the PlayStation 3 in the near future."

"A question I often get is when we are going to see PlayStation 4. When somebody can craft the technology that exceeds what we're able to do on the PS3, but we are still just starting to harness it."

Sadness. Now we'll have to wait even longer to see inside the pores of Kratos' skin. And don't even get us started on the slightly up-rezzed versions of previous-gen games that characterize console launches. Man, we absolutely love those. Such a bummer that we're still a ways out from the life-affirming thrill of another console launch.

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