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Sony is reportedly temporarily halting PlayStation Plus and PS Now prepaid cards

Users are reporting that they are unable to redeem prepaid cards for PS Plus and Now.

Sony has confirmed that those that are currently subscribed to PlayStation Now will be upgraded to PlayStation Plus Premium when it launches, but some users are reporting issues with prepaid cards and stacking subscriptions.

The inevitable PlayStation version of Game Pass was announced back in March, and at the time it was confirmed PlayStation Now subscribers would be migrated over to a PlayStation Plus Premium account. Sony have reiterated this statement now that we know when the new tiers are launching, but as reported by Push Square, users are facing issues with both prepaid PS+ cards and stacking subscriptions.

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In the original article from Push Square, it was reported that a number of Twitter users were contacting the Ask PlayStation UK Twitter account about various issues to do with redeeming PlayStation Plus promo codes. Over on Resetera, some users were sharing messages from PlayStation support workers, with one saying "On this case right now you will be unable to add those codes to the account since we have disabled the option to redeem PS Plus codes. The option is temporarily disabled. You will have to wait. We don't have information about when [it] will be back."

Push Square later provided an update with a support email confirming that there is a temporary "deactivated function for PS Plus/ PS Now subscriptions which does not allow for stacking of either membership on already active memberships."

In a second update, Push Square found that attempting to buy a PS Plus subscription while you still have an active one prompts an error stating that you cannot do so.

The most likely reason for this is that stacking PS Now would mean saving money in the long term. It's unclear if PS Now cards will be redeemable now, but so we'll have to wait for an official comment from Sony on how that might work.

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