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Sony expects 20M PS4 units to be sold by April, 2017

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Sony is looking at major growth during the new fiscal year, and is projecting 20 million PlayStation 4 units to be sold.


Sony expects 20M PS4 units to be sold by April, 2017

Sony has released some forecasts for fiscal year 2016 earlier today. The new year, which started April 1, goes on until March 31, 2016.

During that time, the company is predicting to sell 20 million PlayStation 4 consoles. In the documents [PDF] released earlier, Sony said it's expecting sales to increase by 8.3 percent across software and hardware.

By comparison, the company sold 17.7 million PS4s during fiscal year 2015, which itself exceeded the 17.5M forecast. Should it succeed, the console's install base will be around 60 million users.

Although Sony didn't give reasons for why it's expecting this growth, one could imagine the October launch of PlayStation VR giving it a nice boost.

That, and the the all but confirmed console refresh, codenamed 'Neo', the platform holder could be looking at a banner year.

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