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Sonic: third game in Nintendo deal coming 2014 - rumour

Sonic: Lost World is coming to Nintendo 3DS and Wii U as part of a three-game deal between Sega and the platform holder, but a fresh report suggests that a the third game will not launch until 2014.

We reported on the Sonic: Lost World announcement here, and it has been confirmed as exclusive to Nintendo formats - much like Sonic Colors.

However, Nintendo Life reports that IGN's Rich George has spoken with a Sega rep, who has told him that the third game will drop in 2014.

Taking to Twitter, George explained Sega's confirmation:

The confusion on the matter stems from a German press release issued by Nintendo yesterday, which said all three games form the deal would drop in 2013. This however, appears to be incorrect.

George added:

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games is now, however, part of the three game deal, so it seems we'll have another Sonic project to look forward to on Wii U and 3DS soon.

We'll update once we know more.

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