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Some GAME customers with Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition pre-orders have missed out

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Customers whose Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition pre-orders were cancelled by UK retailer GAME, seem to have missed out on the limited edition.


GAME, the only place in the UK to buy Fallout 4's £100 Pip-Boy Edition, emailed a number of customers on Friday letting them know their pre-orders were cancelled. Blaming Paypal and banks for not releasing funds, GAME made a lot of customers very angry, which lead to long waiting hours for many when calling the store's customers service line.

It appears, however, affected customers still weren't able to play on release day, as GAME wasn't able to contact many of them. "We’d like to give an update to those customers that have pre-ordered the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition online and experienced payment issues," the store wrote in a Facebook message.

"As we have previously communicated to those customers affected, we have been unable to process some orders for Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition due to their bank / PayPal not allowing payment to go through.

"Since Friday, our customer service team has been working hard to contact those customers who had their payments rejected by their bank / PayPal. We have been taking updated details from those customers and re-ordering their Pip-Boy Edition, in time for release day.

"We have reached lots of customers since Friday and if you have replaced your order with us by phone today before 15:30 then your order was processed and dispatched today.

"We’re really sorry if you have already contacted us about your order, and we have not been able to speak to you. There are a number of customers we have not yet been able to call and we have contacted them via email this evening.

"We would ask that if you have not been able to replace your order by phone yet, don’t worry your order is still reserved and being held for you in our distribution centre."

Eurogamer obtained a copy of the email GAME sent to affected customers. In it, the retailer confirmed that if they couldn't speak to these customers on that day, they won't be receiving their orders on release.

Comments on the Facebook message above are filled with angry players still not able to sort it out with GAME, some are claiming even though they've received order confirmation, their orders were cancelled still.

In a statement made to MCV, GAME apologised and said those with issues represent a small amount of the total orders.

"This year alone, GAME has received hundreds of thousands of pre-orders. Of those customers placing a pre-order with us, only a small amount have experienced any issues and in most instances that has been a result of matters that are out of our control such as insufficient funds or payment provider issues.

"In all instances however, we have made sure that they have been kept informed with the status of their order and any issues have been flagged directly with them. Dealing with our customers is our number one priority and we make sure that they are kept informed with the status of their order."

You can read the rest of the statement through the link.

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