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SOE shooting for 100 million Free Realms players, counting on "endless supply of children"

We can't be the only ones who find this terribly amusing.

Speaking with, SOE president John Smedley discussed his plans for his future with Free Realms, and let's just say they involve kids and white picket fences. And more kids. A lot more kids.

"[17 million] is a phenomenal number, and we're very pleased with its success - and it's really keeping going. I don't see this thing stopping until it hits 100 million," he said.

"I think it could take five or six years - that should give you some idea," he added. "But I don't see any reason why it can't go to 100 million, because there are so many kids out there. And the great thing about a kids' game, and this is different for an adult audience and people don't think about this, is that there are always more kids."

"That endless supply of children that have a hunger for gaming, as long as we keep improving it and make sure it's still relevant - which we do every month with patches - means that we expect the game to have a long life."

Free Realms, of course, just recently made the jump to PS3. SOE, however, isn't exactly all sunshine and butterflies at the moment, as it recently suffered major lay-offs and the cancellation of espionage MMO The Agency.

So then, do you want to help SOE? Make more children. Clearly, it's the only way.

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