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SoE games offering Japan relief donation opportunities

Sony Online Entertainment is offering players the chance to donate to a Japan relief fund by purchasing in-game items in a range of online titles.

Everquest, Everquest II, Star Wars: Galaxies, Star wars: Clone Wars Adventures, Free Realms, Magic: The Gathering Tactics, and PoxNora are all participating in the scheme.

The Everquest blog highlights a few of the available items, including cherry trees in full bloom, which are available in EverQuest, Free Realms, and Clone Wars Adventures.

Star Wars Galaxies is offering a frankly adorable virtual stuffed Tauntaun, while Everquest 2 continues the spring time theme with a Memory of Spring statue and Gift of Falling Blossoms.

There's plenty of other options; more information can be found on SoE's Japan relief hub.

Thanks, Massively.

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