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Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army hits steam today, new trailer inside

Sniper Elite spin-off Nazi Zombie Army will launch on Steam tonight, courtesy of developer Rebellion. The co-op shooter has also received a launch trailer.

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In a release sent to VG247 today, Rebellion confirmed that Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army will run you £9.99 / €10.99 / $14.99 on Steam, and is a standalone game, rather than an expansion. You can buy it directly from the store here. Its due to go live around 5:30 GMT we're told.

It sees players trying to halt Hitler's last-ditch plan to win WWII by turning everyone into zombies. It's up to you and up to four mates to snipe his undead forces back to hell.

Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley said of the release, “Nazi Zombie Army is finally here and we’re absolutely delighted with how we’ve been able to bring this new chapter to Sniper Elite on PC.

We’ve self-published Nazi Zombie Army as a stand-alone title, which has been enormously satisfying, and the response from both Sniper Elite fans and other gamers alike is fantastic.

"The whole new co-op focused campaign means you can enjoy blowing away demonic hordes with friends who might not already own Sniper Elite V2.”

Will you be picking the game up? Let us know below.

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