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Small SWTOR patch deployed, doesn't fix dance exploit

Bioware has updated Star Wars: The Old Republic with a few fixes and tweaks to the MMO, with the only real major changes being a fix to the cover mechanic and the Sith Corruption toggle.

It has also fixed an issue which, under certain circumstances, kept Bounty Hunter's from being able to complete their class story.

Other fixes are in the works as well, so consider the patch a small one. It will be applied when you fire the game up, obviously. You can look over the list of fixes on RipTen.

A current bug in the game that hasn't been fixed just yet, is the ability for players to interrupt enemy and boss attacks by using the /getdown emote. While considered more of an exploit than a bug, note that Bioware is aware of the issue and is working on removing the ability to bust a move in combat situations.

The firm does not plan on banning anyone for dancing their way to victory at present, so try it at least once for fun - just don't go overboard.

You can watch videos of the dance moves through here, courtesy of RPS.

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