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Skyrim modders are working to bring DLSS, FSR2, and XeSS upscaling to the game

Give your dragon adventure a performance boost.

Skyrim modders are to bring DLSS, FSR2, and XeSS upscaling to the Anniversary and Special Editions of the game.

Modder PureDark is working on the plugin alongside other modders. Called Skyrim-Upscaler, it is available through GitHub, and a public release will occur once the team works out VR compatibility (thanks, RPS).

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The plugin looks to increase frame rates with other Skyrim mods installed, but at present, it won't work with the popular ENB (Enhanced Natural Beauty) mod. That said, compatibility between ENB and DLSS is in the works.

This is according to YouTuber Mern, who spoke with the plugin's modder. And, after trying the plugin out, Mern saw a 50fps increase when running in 4K. However, there wasn’t as much improvement at 1080p due to possible bottlenecks. Mern also didn't provide info on their PC's hardware, nor did they mention what, if any, mods were installed.

If you want to give it a try yourself, head over to Github. You will need to install shader tools to get it to work.

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