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Sims Gurus patch out pregnant men

Say goodbye to The Sims 4 unique take on fatherhood, as The Sims Gurus confirm that male pregnancies are no more.


The Sims 4 players have been reporting high numbers of alien abductions, leaving their male characters with sore bottoms and a bellyful of alien baby.

Kotaku reports that not everyone was getting their knickers in a twist about this, with some forum threads discussing exactly how to get men kidnapped for a little extraterrestrial woo hoo.

But the Gurus have stepped in to not only lower the frequency of alien abductions, but to confirm that they've patched out the male pregnancy bug as well.

When asked why female aliens couldn't impregnate men anymore, a Guru said "I can't answer [that] question without breaking some forum decency rules, but let's just say there's a scientific reason for that."

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