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Sims 3 Late Night Expansion Pack ships to stores

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Because nothing says "easy" like dancing on a bar in your skivvies.

EA has announced the shipment of its latest expansion pack to The Sims 3 for PC and Mac.

Late Night offers players "a reason to venture out into the dark and check out the hottest clubs, partake in nighttime activities and run from…or become…creatures of the night".

Basically, you can now be in a band, live the life of a vampire, becomes a  celebrity, and frolic around in a hot tub.

Here's a blurb that will surely get goths and Twilighters alike hot under the collar:

Players have the option to befriend a vampire and eventually ask their new friend to turn them into one of their kind. Once changed, players will find that their Sims, the characters unique to The Sims games, have thirst instead of hunger, can run faster, read minds and need to sleep during the daylight hours. Vampires have upscale late night hang outs where select few get in, but they aren’t the only ones that get perks and no line access into hot spots.

Check out shots of the expansion below.


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