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Silicon Knights' X-Men game to include customizable characters, moral choices


Fingers crossed for bonus Wolverine options that are exactly the same as all the others, except that they all end in "...bub."

MTV Multiplayer got ahold of the latest Official Xbox Magazine, which featured a nice, sexy spread... about beefy men in tight-fitting outfits. Silicon Knights' first game since Too Human may be a licensed game, but that doesn't mean the Eternal Darkness dev is done taking steps off the beaten path.

Apparently, X-Men: Destiny's going to be heavily choice-based, focusing on "the tough decisions that an X-Man has to make." You'll be playing as the presumably forsaken child of an "anti-mutant zealot" during a period when the general public's taken to playing a good old fashioned game of "shun the mutants" as well. As of now, however, it hasn't been revealed how exactly your "Decision Moments" will shape the course of the game.

You'll have a total of three characters to choose from, though, so look forward to plenty of variety in your powers. Speaking of powers, you'll be able to gain experience and select new powers with X-Genes.

Sounds potentially interesting to us, assuming it's not just Too Mutant (or the far more egregious "2 Fast 2 Mutant"). Here's hoping for some more concrete details sooner rather than later.

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