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Shocking scenes as Sony reveals 'gamer' car with PS5 DualSense controls and UE5 customizations

Thankfully the PS5 controls are only for tech-demo purposes, but could you imagine?

Sony's Afeela EV driven on stage during CES 2024
Image credit: Sony

CES 2024 shocked the tech world yesterday, packed full of all manner of interesting and exhilirating gadgets and gizmos. But perhaps the most intriguing to the video game fans out there is the Sony Afeela EV concept car - which was driven out on stage using a PS5 controller.

Now before you get all excited at the potential ramifications of PlayStation 5 owners driving their expensive cars around remotely, this feature is purely for tech-demo purposes. Your dreams and rampant rampages around town from a safe distance are exactly that - dreams. However, the car also comes with built-in cutomization features that makes use of Unreal Engine 5.

In the Sony presentation, we see a variety of options that affect not only the interior dash and screens of the car, but also a little panel on the front bumper. Using a phone, users can change the visuals from a variety of calming artistic shades, or a big garish Fortnite blue, or even a Spiderverse colour-scheme. The aim, according to this showcase, is to promote creativity among users, courtesy of a colaboration with Epic Games.

The car itself certainly looks cool. It has AI assited driving features, a modern look to the interior, sound-proofing. In terms of the target audience, you've got to imagine it's for wealthy upper middle class families who want a futuristic car that lets you slap on TV in the back. When I was younger I never saw the appeal, but every year I get older I learn to appreciate these absurdly expensive four-person carriers.

I can't wait to see what wild Unreal Engine designs people slot into this thing. You know for a fact people are going to get stupid with it - designing their own custom shitposts they can plaster inside their new car. I, for one, would like to see a Marvel vs Capcom 2 design for the inside. Perfect for taking your family for a ride.

As for when we'll see this car actually on roads? We have no idea. It's still in the prototype phase, and was purely flexed at CES as a big exciting show piece for folks to gawk at in person and online. Would you buy it if you could afford such a monsterous mechanical marvel? Let us know below!

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