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Shepard alone in final Mass Effect 2 DLC, Cerberus News updates leaked

It's almost time for the arrival of Mass Effect 2's final DLC pack - titled Arrival - and tons of information about the new content is being released by the press or leaked.

Joystiq has gone hands-on with the new DLC pack and says that Shepard will be travelling alone in the final piece of story in ME2.

"Shepard's alone, through the whole thing, and that adds a layer of complexity," Jesse Houston, producer at Bioware, tells the site.

The full preview of the DLC reveals that it can be accessed at any point after completing the 'Horizon' mission in-game and offers instances of stealth where fights can be side-stepped entirely by avoiding contact with the enemy.

The final set of Cerberus News Network updates have also leaked - they'll be appearing in Mass Effect 2 over the next week in the run up to the DLC, and tease big changes ahead for the Mass Effect universe.

We're not going to post those here because they contain spoilers, but you can find them over on NeoGAF. 'Arrival' will be available for Mass Effect 2 on PS3, 360 and PC this coming Tuesday.

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