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Shattered Haven launch trailer refuses to bow to evil

Shattered Haven is a top-down action adventure with rogue-like tendencies, but instead of the usual sandbox survival affair, it comes equipped with a narrative. Learn what motivates our heroes to keep surviving in the face of zombie apocalypse in the launch trailer through the break.

Shattered Haven is the latest from Arcen Games, and is out now on Mac and PC via Steam, Gamersgate, GOG, Green Man Gaming or direct from the developer. It goes for $10 but is 25% off during the launch window.

If you'd like to more about how it actually plays, a developer blog has the answers. In story-requirement levels, players start empty-handed, and have to survive the various environments using what they can scavenge. Gameplay varies between reflex-driven action, mazes, and puzzles, and there's a full level editor, too.

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