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Skyward Collapse to release next week

Skyward Collapse, in which you play a hassled deity trying to keep your people from fighting to the death over petty religious squabbles, arrives next week.

Arcen Games' combination god sim and turn based strategy effort drops on Thursday, May 23 on Mac and PC; this is the full launch, not the beta. It will be available via Steam and directly from the developer's website, and is priced at just $5.

Skyward Collapse puts the player in position of the creator of a world, which can be filled with gods, creatures and artifacts from Greek and Norse cultures. It's not a sandbox, though; your task is to keep the fickle inhabitants happy and stop the two factions wiping each other out with warfare.

A new trailer has been released; check it out below, and maybe stop by the first of a series of comics about the game penned by Nick Trujillo of Strip Search fame, and the soundtrack from composer Pablo Vega.

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