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Skyward Collapse is a turn-based 4X god-sim in the works at Arcen Games

Arcen Games have announced its new turn-based 4X god sim called Skyward Collapse is n development.

The game is set on a floating landmass in the sky, and you as the creator of it and its inhabitants, oversee Greek and Norse factions hellbent on conquering the other via solo or co-op.

"The multitude of villages you create all have minds of their own, and will actively try to stomp the nearest still-standing village of the other faction," wrote the firm's Christopher Park. "Given the resources and appropriate buildings, your villagers will gear up for war without your direct interaction, and will fight it out to the best of their abilities.

"Unlike most strategy games, your goal isn't to have either of the sides win. You aren't represented by either of the sides, after all. Instead your goal is to balance this conflict as best you can so that neither side gets wiped out. You win by having the most points generated (read: most carnage) without either side committing genocide."

However, there will be a variety of ways a player can lose a campaign. Arcen Games is currently brainstorming ideas on the matter.

A beta is tentatively scheduled for the end of April, with version 1.0 scheduled for May.

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Thanks, PC Gamer.

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