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Shadowgate remake to be Kickstarted

Shadowgate creators Dave Marsh and Karl Roelofs have turned their attention back to the classic adventure property,

Zojoi, a young developer founded by the pair, is working on a new Shadowgate game. According to Zojoi's Facebook page, the new game was announced quietly in a newsletter but quickly dug up by Destructoid.

Coming to Android, iOS, Mac and PC, Shadowgate will retain the puzzle adventure gameplay of the original, and even allow players to choose the original NES soundtrack over a new orchestral score should they really want the nostalgic experience.

But the new offering also adds in more rooms for a total of over 60, a bunch of new puzzles, high-resolution paint artwork, an in-game hint system, "object-specific animations", and an overhauled command-based UI.

Enjoy the very brief but nostalgia-heavy teaser below. A Kickstarter campaign to fund the game will go live at 9:00 EST on Friday, and will offer a number of rewards including some early bird specials.

The original Shadowgate first released in 1987 for Mac, and is one of the most loved MacVenture games, as well as a fondly remembered NES offering. It spawned two sequels, including one on the N64.

As an aside, Zojoi said that it would love to bring back a range of classic properties once it can establish a market for them.

"The tricky part is convincing the people at and Steam that there's a demand for the MacVenture games and other ICOM Simulations titles. This Kickstarter campaign will likely have a strong influence on whether that happens or not," a comment on its Facebook page noted.

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