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Secret Neighbor is now playable in Roblox

Coined ‘Secret Neighbour’, this spin-off allows players to experience Raven Brooks with others.

Image credit: Dynamic Pixels, Hologryph

The family-friendly horror series Hello Neighbour is collaborating with multiplayer gaming platform, Roblox, to bring players a fresh new dose of the terrifying Mr. Peterson.

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Secret Neighbour, Roblox's newest addition, is a spin-off for the Hello Neighbour mystery that many of us know and love. Those diving into Secret Neighbour will be able to explore the town of Raven Brooks as either investigative children, or the troubled Mr. Peterson, with the game taking an asymmetrical multiplayer format.

As you go about solving your mystery, or being at the heart of it, you’ll be able to collect various cosmetics across multiple maps that’ll enhance your time with Secret Neighbour. As one of the children, you’ll have unique abilities to utilise in your search, and as Mr. Peterson, you’ll be stepping into the shoes of the Neighbour, the Butcher, or the Clown. Spooky.

On top of that, additional game modes have been added so that players can get more replayability from the Roblox rendition of the game. Players can take part in Prop Hunt mode, which plays out as you’d expect; players must disguise themselves as items in a bid to survive.

There’s also Brawl mode, which is a free-for-all, snowball fights, and more! When you tire of playing Secret Neighbour, you can make your way to the experience hub to hang out with other players of the game and socialise.

If you’re hoping to see what Secret Neighbour is all about, you can play the game via Roblox on mobile or PC right now, with a version being made available for Xbox xoon. All you need to do is open up Roblox, and search for ‘Secret Neighbour’.

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