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Sawfly Studios still loves racing games, its focus lies "elsewhere right now"

Sawfly Studios, comprised of Sony Studio Liverpool vets, has said that while it still loves racing games, its focus lies "elsewhere right now."

Speaking with Gamasutra, managing director Mike Humphrey said racing games, such as Sony Liverpool's WipEout, just aren't selling the way they used to.

"There are so many great racing franchises out there, but for one reason or another they just aren't selling as well as they used to," said Humphrey. "We still love racing games, but our focus is elsewhere right now."

Humphrey went on to say that instead of the team joining a another large studio, they decided to form their own because each has "an idea of the kind of experiences we would like to make."

"We thought the best way to make this a reality was to go it alone," he said. "As for security, you take a gamble whatever your decisions are, and we thought that betting on ourselves seemed like the most secure option."

Announced last week, along with Humphrey, Sawfly Studios is comprised of former Wipeout developers Karl Jones, Andrew Jones, and Jon Eggelton.

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