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Saint's Row 2 has sold 2.6 million to date

saints row 2

For every cloud, a silver lining. Saints Row 2 has sold 2.6 million units since the game's October release, Edge reports, bringing a touch of warmth to some otherwise awful THQ financial results yesterday.

Other glimmers from THQ's 2008 included WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009, which has shipped over 4 million units, Big Beach Sports at 1.2 million, and de Blob at 700,000.

According to CEO Brian Farrell: “Established franchises like Saints Row and WWE SmackDown vs. Raw, as well as new franchises such as de Blob and Big Beach Sports for the Nintendo Wii, give us confidence in our strategy going forward."

Nice, but cold comfort considering financial losses will result in 600 employees being sacked.

For every silver lining, a cloud.

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