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Rumour - Project RedLime to be unveiled at gamescom

Starbreeze Studio's Project Redlime, long suspected to be a revamp of Syndicate, looks very likely to appear at gamescom if a hastily deleted tweet from a Starbreeze employee is any indication.

Our tireless friends at turned up this tweet from Starbreeze staffer Rickard Johnson before its rapid deletion:

"Grand moment approaching. The reveal for Starbreeze and EA’s Project Redlime. Time to meet the press."

According to, Johnson has been involved in boss, player experience and mission design on Project RedLime.

Project Redlime has been rumoured for reveal before every major event almost since its announcement. EA and Starbreeze have officially only confirmed that the project will revive a neglected EA IP, but the evidence - trademarks, domain registrations, script leaks - all suggest Bullfrog's classic real time tactics property is the target.

Gamescom is next week. EA's presser will be held on Tuesday, August 16 at 4pm CET, 3pm BST, 10am EST, 8am PST, and 12:30 pm Sydney (Aug 17).

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