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Ruffian: Nine underground levels in Crackdown 2


Ruffian has detailed to VG247 the first pieces of info of the underground element of Crackdown 2 at a hands-on in Dundee last month.

Creative director Billy Thomson told us that there would be nine subterranean levels in the sequel.

"If you take one of the locations for a gang boss in the first game, most of them are… let me think of one location that’d be a good size. The Refinery, probably," said Thomson.

"A little bit smaller than the Refinery. And there’s, like, nine of them. It’s a big bit of gameplay."

Microsoft refused to go into details though on specific kits for the underground segments.

No date yet, we're afraid.

Catch our full interview with Thomson and James Cope of Ruffian here and here.

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