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Robotoki offices almost burgled: Rob Bowling confronted robbers, footage inside

Robotoki - the studio set up by former Call of Duty creative strategist Rob Bowling - was almost robbed last night. The studio head confronted two men in the office lobby before posting photos and CCTV footage of the perpetrators online.

It follows a police raid on the Robotoki studio in June, after someone accidentally hit a panic button.

Speaking with Polygon about the attack, Bowling said, "At around 7:20 pm after all the staff had left, with exception to myself and our lead FX artist, two males approached the front door of Robotoki and hit the security glass with a rock and began kicking in the weakened glass.

"I began running towards the lobby from my second floor office as soon as I heard the rock hit. I confronted the two males in the lobby, where only one had gained entry."

Here's a clip of the break-in:

Bowling revealed on Twitter that the robbers smashed their way into the office after 7pm last night:

He then posted a photo of both men:

What do you make of the above then? Not your usual gaming story by any means.


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