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Robotoki police raid results in face off with Call of Duty statue

The following article contains absolutely no news regarding upcoming or current release video games but it is pretty hilarious.

Over the weekend, a team of four police stormed in and cleared the Los Angeles offices of Robotoki, a new studio founded by former Call of Duty creative strategist Robert Bowling.

The cause of their arrival was not immediately clear to staff, although Bowling told Polygon that security footage showed someone had pressed the building's panic button, apparently out of curiosity and ignorance as to its function. As the alarm system is silent, nobody knew what had happened until the LAPD burst through the door.

In the confusion, police were apparently momentarily startled by and aggressive towards a statue of Call of Duty's Simon "Ghost" Riley which decorates the lobby. Adorable.

Robotoki is currently working on Human Element, a post-apocalyptic survival affair with some interesting connected features. The team also aspired to a fairly adorable puzzle platformer but was found wanting by the Kickstarter hive mind.

Thanks, Joystiq.

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