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Resogun coming to PS3 with Cross Buy and Cross Save, Defenders expansion announced

Resogun has been announced for PlayStation 3, after a PEGI listing popped up for it earlier in the week. Wait, there's more: an expansion has also been announced.

It is set for a digital release alongside the previously announced PS Vita version on December 17 in Europe and December 23 in North America.

Originally released on PlayStation 4 and in development for PS3 and Vita at Climax Studios, the game will be released on both formats for $14.99.

The PS Vita version has ad-hoc co-op and if you own the game already on PS4, the game will be a free download on both PS3 and Vita.

Your saves will also transfer. Hit up the PS Blog for more information on the PS3 version.

Also announced today was the Defenders expansion which will feature two new game modes, Protector and Commando, as well as new ships, and all new planets.

A major content patch for all players will be released alongside the expansion pack and it comes with new challenges and feats across all existing game modes.

More information regarding the patch and expansion will be announced at a later date.

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