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Report - Apple in talks to buy Chinese games developer


Chinese developer Handseeing Information Technology has told Chinese newspaper Xinhau it's in acquisition talks with Apple, meaning the Silicon Valley firm would be able to create its own iPad and iPhone games should Handseeing agree to a price.

According to the firm's deputy general manager, Tian Bo, talks with Apple are ongoing, but he would not confirm the rumored $150 million asking price for Handseeing.

"The acquisition price is at the core of our current talks. No final price has been yet agreed," he said. adding he expected a decision from Apple within the next couple of months.

However, should Apple purchase the company, it doesn't necessarily mean its' getting into the gaming sphere.

Handseeing also specializes in internet applications; therefore, the firm could be put to work on a different number of things or reaffirm Apple's commitment to the emerging Chinese market.

So, for now this could mean anything, but it's something to watch at any rate.


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