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Remember Me launch trailer hails Friday's release

Remember Me's launch trailer is below to get you ready for its release this week, UK people.

Remember Me takes place during the year 2084 in Neo-Paris where a device known as the Sensen allows citizens to digitize their memories - they can then share, trade and sell them.

The company behind the technology, Memorize, is abusing said memories and a group called the Errorists, helped out by former memory hunter Nilin, are looking to bring the corporation down.

Ahead of next week's release, today on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify and other digital music platforms you can pick up the original soundtrack, scored by Olivier Deriviere.

It was recorded by the Philharmonia Orchestra before being digitally processed and will run you $9.99.

The Dontnod Entertainment action title releases June 4 in North America (today) and in Europe on June 7 for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Steam, and Games on Demand.

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