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Record of Agarest War coming to PSN this fall


Okay, we knew Record of Agarest War was heading to PSN, we just didn't know when.

Now, according to D'toid, Aksys Games is bringing it to the PS3 service this fall.

"This is one of those titles where morbid curiosity really hits you once see some screenshots," stated Michael Manzanares, associate pProducer, Aksys Games. "Instead of being nothing but cheesecake, Record of Agarest War turns out to have some length and girth to it. Color us surprised."

Note the word girth. Not too surprising of a word considering the sausage eating connotations within the game. Maybe we are just being perverted though.

Anyway, Compile Heart, Red Entertainment and Idea Factory have crammed in over 100 hours of gameplay featuring loads of stuff that can be taken the wrong way should we type it.

Hit the link to read more of the description.

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