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Razer to settle Ouya debts

After earlier reports of indie developers for the Ouya losing out on promised funds, Razer has promised to honour financial agreements made between Ouya and the teams affected.


Earlier this week reports came through suggesting that indie developers would not receive funds promised to them as part of the Free the Games Fund initiative.

The agreement was that Ouya would match, up to $250,000, any sum developers received through crowdfunding to develop for the machine. The reports yesterday suggested that numerous developers would miss out on between $5000 and $30,000 of promised funding. Of the 27 developers promised funds, only a quarter reported receiving the full amount initially agreed upon.

However, after buying out the rights to the Ouya brand, Razer has promised to make good on this initial agreement and will match the funding originally promised. This is surely good news for the developers who have attached themselves to the console, which ultimately never performed quite as well as its hugely successful Kickstarter suggested it would.

Razer's plan is to merge the Ouya library into the Razer Cortex, although they intend to "keep the lights on" with Ouya for a year.

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