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Ouya acquisition stiffs devs out of promised Free the Games funds - rumour

Ouya has allegedly reneged on thousands of dollars promised to independent developers.


Troubling rumbles have surfaced in the wake of Razer's acquisition of Ouya's software and publishing platform.

Citing multiple anonymous developers, Vice reports Ouya will not be honouring contracts signed with independent developers as part of its Free the Games fund, which promised to match crowdfunding investment in Ouya-exclusive games.

Consequently, the site's sources say they're missing out on payments ranging from $5,000 right up to $30,000.

According to the report, the trouble hinges on a bankruptcy clause in an updated contract issued to Ouya developers earlier this year. Under this clause, either party can terminate the contract if the other becomes insolvent. Affected developers allege Ouya has been in touch to let them know payments won't be forthcoming, citing this clause and saying Ouya won't exist as a company as a result of Razer's acquisition.

The full report raises grave concerns over Ouya's communication of the matter, and includes descriptions of the difficulties affected developers are facing as a consequence.

Razer and Ouya have not commented on the matter. The whispers comes after a string of controversies related to Ouya's developer relations, including criticisms of the Free the Games fund.

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