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Rare, BioWare confirmed for GDC Europe talks


GDC Europe's organizer has announced Rare and BioWare talks for the Cologne-based event.

In a lecture entitled "Kinecting With A New Audience," Rare's Nick Burton and Blitz's Andrew Oliver will take to the stage to talk about Kinect and how companies have built launch titles for the motion camera "while it was still developing."

Meanwhile, BioWare's Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, as well as Obsidian boss and former Black Isle head Feargus Urguhardt, will talk about Baldur's Gate II.

The session is a a massive ten-year anniversary retrospective for the RPG, which details how it was created, received and "how making games has changed," as well as showing how it inspired BioWare titles like Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

GDC Europe takes place from August 16-18 in Cologne, alongside gamescom.

Thanks, Gama.

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