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Rainbow Six Siege developers aware of desire for separate solo queues

The experience of playing Rainbow Six Siege as a solo player could be getting better soon.

One of the more frustrating aspects of Rainbow Six Siege, as in any team-based game, is that you sometimes have to play it alone. Unfortunately, Siege does not queue up solo players with other solos, causing them to instead end up in matches with stacked teams.

This is a problem Siege developers are aware of, as it's not a particularly new issue. However, it looks like players may finally see some changes.

The game's official Twitter replied to a fan asking about the possibility of a solo-only queue, sometimes referred to as a mercenary playlist. "This is something the community has discussed over the past few weeks, and the idea has been passed up the chain to the devs," the reply reads.

While this may not be enough, it's a good sign that the problem may not remain there for long. Ubisoft's teams are placing a bigger focus on the player experience in Year 5 and Year 6, with less new content across both years to allow for better upgrades to the core experience.

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