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Rainbow Six Siege patch 2.0 breaks more than it fixes

The most recent Rainbow Six Siege patch has reportedly introduced a number of game-breaking bugs, and made the experience worse for many.


Patch 2.0, which was released for Rainbow Six Siege this week on all platforms, comes with a number major issues. The patch introduces at least three major bugs the game didn't have before.

A quick look over the game's sub-Reddit reveals a front page full of disgruntled fans, a lot of whom have taken to document the newly-introduced bugs and glitches to help the developer fix them. There are endless gifs and YouTube videos showing them off, too.

Generally, the list can be boiled down to three major issues:

  • Knife hits not registering, even after multiple swipes
  • Player models getting stuck in a T-pose on occasion, preventing opponents from knowing your true orientation
  • Hit dedication issues of multiple hits not registering or full magazines not killing enemies

This YouTube video by Airyeezy1995 shows all of them off clearly. They all happen in a single match, which is unfortunate.

Watch on YouTube

There are a number of other reported glitches and issues, some of which were never fixed since launch. Some of these, like the Nitro Glitch and teleport bugs, have increased in severity, according to reports on the site.

Ubisoft has acknowledged the majority of them in one massive post, though this Reddit thread is a better way to track them.

Siege is due for another patch mid-February, but it's not clear at this stage whether or not hotfixes will be implemented before that time.

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