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Quick shots - Monster Hunter 4 concept art gives a glimpse at RPG sequel

Still no screenshots, but here's some beautiful concept art for Monster Hunter 4, as well as a swag of new details.

Capcom finally began lifting the lid on the anticipated action RPG this week; in the art below you'll see the mobile base camp we heard about in yesterday's update.

Andriasang gathered some further information from Famitsu leaks. The caravan is called Barubare, and will be staffed by a leader and a receptionist of some kind.

Some details from the recent trailer spilled out, too; the big-eared monster is called a Kecha Wacha, and the red, rocky environment is the Ruins Field.

Director Kaname Fujioka said the keyword for Monster Hunter is "adventure" and that the intent is to make it fun to just run around the environments.

The developer also revealed that Monster Hunter 4 has been in development for two years, including alongside Monster Hunter 3G, and is the largest effort the series has seen to date. Some of the new additions to Monster Hunter 3G - the 3DS version of the much re-released third core game - were ideas taken from Monster Hunter 4's development.

Monster Hunter 4 hits 3DS in Japan in northern spring. Localisation has not been confirmed.

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