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Monster Hunter 4 allows grabs, eschews water sections

The water sections Capcom was so proud of with its last effort have been thrown out for Monster Hunter 4.

The lack of swimming sections was confirmed in a preview in Famitsu, harvested by Andriasang. Instead, as per the initial reveal trailer, there's something of an emphasis on landscape, with monsters taking advantage of terrain.

Players will also get the chance to use mobility to their advantage as they'll be able to grab onto enemies - perhaps inspired by Dragon's Dogma - and to perform jump attacks from higher ground.

New content will include weapons and amour, the largest cast of NPCs the series has seen to date, and something new to do with Felynes, of which players can still recruit two.

The camera will be free rather than locked, and players will be able to move their base camp.

Over the weekend, Monster Hunter 4 was dated for a spring 2013 release in Japan, and graced with a new trailer.

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