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Quick quotes: BioWare would "do over" experience of launching new MMO

"I think we would definitely do it over again given the opportunity, or a time machine. I think we can see a lot of things we could have done differently given the benefit of retrospective vision, but I also don’t think we would have changed many decisions. It would more have been a process of refinement and fine tuning to our plans.Certainly testing even more than we did, and doing so earlier would have been a good goal. I also think in retrospect we would have been able to weight some of our technical decisions differently given that we ultimately knew what worked after the fact and what needed a lot of work; there was no way of knowing that in advance, but in retrospect that would have helped quite a bit." - BioWare's Greg Zeschuk, speaking to TORWars on the difficulties of launching an MMO such as Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The MMO's out now.

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