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Quick Quotes: Bioware on the action moments in Mass Effect 3

"You watch a movie and if it’s hard hitting, crazy, turn it up to 11 every moment of the movie, it dulls your senses and you don’t really appreciate the moments. Just like any movie, a game is like that, especially Mass Effect 3. You have your critical moments where decisions are important and big set pieces are absolutely critical to telling the story. Then you have your other moments where it’s more along the lines of you go to other worlds and you do things that aren’t necessarily inspired by huge set pieces. It’s not about always turning it up and always making it action-packed, because without the downtime, the other part of it, you don’t see the effect the war is having upon the galaxy. You don’t actually appreciate it as much the moments when you’re up and close and personal to the Reapers." Bioware's Mike Gamble on pacing actions sequences in ME3 to TenTonHammer.

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