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The PUBG Mobile x Baby Shark crossover has us dazed and confused

Nothing screams kids appeal like blowing someone's head off.

You read that right, the latest crossover coming to PUBG Mobile is with Baby Shark. This song (and accompanying dance of course) has been hugely popular for children since it emerged from the depths back in 2016, and has since spread its tendrils across the internet through several follow-up songs, animations, and a partnership with battle royales apparently!

We’ve embedded the video below for your viewing pleasure, as four distinct PUBG characters go on an underwater adventure in the search of red drop boxes - typically filled with guns - only to find a Baby Shark with underwater fried chicken in hand. It’s a trip.

This crossover is more than just a short video and some chuckles, there’s a big Baby Shark event taking place in PUBG Mobile right now which brings a whole selection of themed cosmetics and challenges for players to complete.

While this may initially seem like an unlikely crossover, this isn’t the first time Baby Shark and PUBG have run a collaboration event! Back in October 2021, PUBG Mobile players could boot up the game to see a similar month-long event. With this knowledge, we can only assume the Baby Shark collaborations are going down great with fans of the mobile Battle Royale.

A second screenshot from the PUBG Mobile x Baby Shark crossover
This is certainly one way of tackling an ageing playerbase...

The elephant in the room of course is the clash between the kid-friendly Baby Shark aesthetic and the understanding that PUBG is a game about blowing people’s heads off. The Baby Shark is either unknowingly busting moves with bloodthirsty killers in blissful ignorance, or it’s well aware that their plate of golden fried chicken was bought in blood.

Pushing that thought aside, you can jump in and reap the rewards from the Baby Shark crossover right now in PUBG Mobile! For those not keen on earning their chicken dinner’s on the go, the PC version of the game has been free since the start of 2022, so there’s nothing stopping you from jumping back in.

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