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PSM3 Magazine says Fallout 3 ugliest on PS3, but still comparable to Xbox

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After a leaked Fallout 3 review from the latest issue of PSM3 sent the Internet into a tizzy, the magazine’s staff set the record straight, explaining that while the game’s PC iteration is certainly the hottest bombshell of the bunch, the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are far from unplayable.

“The Xbox 360 version's textures are noticeably rougher than on PC, and objects in the distance aren't quite as clear,” read the explanation. “It does, however, boast an impressively solid frame rate. The game is, otherwise, identical.”

“NOW, the PS3 version looks the same as on Xbox, but things in the distance are slightly jaggier/rougher, the textures seem 'muddier' up-close and the frame rate is choppier, especially during the last few story missions.”

“So, really, the difference between the Xbox and PS3 versions won't hamper your enjoyment of the game in ANY WAY. High-res textures or not, it's still the same huge, epic, absorbing, brilliant adventure.”

So, which version ARE YOU BUYING?

By Nathan Grayson

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