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PS5 launch sales in Japan revealed

Unsurprisingly, the PS5's launch sales in Japan were leagues ahead of Xbox Series X/S.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X/S both launched in Japan last week, and launch day sales are in. According to Famitsu, the lead is unquestionably Sony's.

In its first four days on sale, the PS5 managed to shift 118,000 units. Xbox Series X/S, on the other hand, sold 21,000 units combined. According to Famitsu, 88% of PS5 sales were the standard disc-based console, with only 12% claimed by the disc-less Digital Edition.

The magazine did not reveal the split between Xbox Series X and Series S, but it said that the Microsoft consoles have been sold out at most retailers, leading some to hold lottery sales.

As for launch games, Spider-Man: Miles Morales came out on top with 18,640 copies sold, followed by Demon's Souls with 18,607. Though these numbers may seem small, it's worth keeping in mind that the Japanese market for home consoles and games is not big.

The majority of game and hardware sales in Japan belong to Nintendo, and the Switch is currently the dominant console in the country. It's also worth noting that Xbox was never big in Japan, so the Xbox Series X/S' meagre figures aren't actually that bad, even if Microsoft would obviously like them to be bigger.

Sony has yet to officially announce a tally of PS5 launch day sales. The platform holder is likely waiting for the console to launch in the rest of the world this week before making the numbers public. Microsoft, however, came out and said that the Series X/S launch was the biggest Xbox launch ever, and reports indicate decent launch day sales in the UK, at least.

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