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Xbox sold more consoles on Series X/S launch than in any other 24-hour period

The first 24 hours of the Xbox Series X/S launch have broken records for Microsoft.

The next-gen is here. With the Xbox Series X/S out there now, and the PlayStation 5 getting into consumer hands today, we are in full swing.

However, due to the pandemic, there was worry about supply and demand that was ushering in this new era. With financial strain on top of retail and delivery chaos, you'd be forgiven for expecting sales numbers to be a little muted this launch.

You'd be wrong though. On Twitter, Xbox head Phil Spencer announced that the launch of the Xbox Series X/S consoles was the biggest the brand has ever had. In a tweet, Spencer confirmed that during launch, Microsoft sold more Xbox consoles than in any other 24-hour time period and in more countries.

This is a promising sign for Xbox. The Xbox One trailed the PS4 during most of the last generation. Perhaps this suggests things will be more competitive this time around.

Of course, these figures include two consoles, the X and the S, with one being a very affordable option. That said, Microsoft has been making a compelling argument for its new hardware through Game Pass and that lower-cost option.

In a year where many are likely hurting financially, that is an impressive feat.

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