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As PS5 looms, Sony remembers the PS4's most defining games

The PlayStation 5 is only about a month away, and as we approach the end of the current console generation, Sony looks back at the most defining games of the PlayStation 4.

A fantastic sizzle reel put together by PlayStation Access cycles through some of the best games that have arrived on PlayStation 4, showing off what a diverse and interesting generation it's been to date.

Each game is given roughly one previous second of airtime in the trailer, ranging from games from the PS4 launch window (such as Killzone: Shadow Fall) to 2020's biggest blockbusters (like The Last of Us: Part II).

Clocking in at an impressive 3:40, the video is a whistle-stop tour of all things Sony, as well as some good third-party games, too. Seeing the likes of Kratos stand shoulder-to-shoulder with The Phantom Thieves, Kazuma Kiryu, Alien, Rayman, and, erm, Knack... it's a pretty good summary of what the past seven years have had to offer.

Of course, the PlayStation 4 isn't going to stop receiving support right away – Sony assures us that games will still launch for the console for a while – but as more and more attention turns to the shiny, new PS5, it's nice to reflect on the generation that's been.

PS5 launches on November 12 and November 19 depending on your location.

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