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PS4 Pro will not include 4K Blu Ray support

The Xbox One S and Project Scorpio may support 4K Blu Ray discs, but apparently Sony's PS4 Pro does not.


PS4 Pro will not include 4K Blu Ray support

Sony has just revealed its PlayStation 4 Pro console, which means we've generally focused on what it's capable of, be it HDR support, cross-platform compatibility for all games, and so on. That said, the PS4 Pro can't do everything - specifically, play 4K resolution Blu-Ray movies.

According to the highly advanced PS4 Pro will not support 4K Blu Ray discs, which explains why the feature wasn't mentioned. That said, 4K Blu Ray remains a selling point for Microsoft's competing Xbox One S and Project Scorpio systems.

Now, does a lack of 4K Blu Ray support mean the PS4 Pro will fail? Probably not - the Pro is a games system first and media player second. That said, its absence is really strange considering the Pro supports games, Netflix, and YouTube in 4K resolutions. And that's not getting into the fact that the entire Blu Ray brand itself is a Sony property. So how can the Xbox One S incorporate 4K Blu Ray into its advanced console while the PS4 Pro cannot?

Sony will likely respond to these questions soon, but it's probably not going to look great for one of these games publishers in the near future.

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