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PS All-Stars: Battle Royale was originally a 4v4 capture the flag game

PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale is out on PS3 and PS Vita across Europe from November 21st, but did you know that Sony and SuperBot's fighter was originally a capture the flag game? The developer has revealed all in a new interview.

Speaking with Siliconera, Omar Kendall, lead game designer at SuperBot Entertainment revealed that the game went through several prototypes before the team rested on the format you see today. He also added that the penultimate form of the game focused on a capture the flag match type.

Kendall explained, "Eventually [SCEA] decided on a PlayStation All-Stars type game – a broad concept of let’s take all of these great PlayStation characters and PlayStation universes and bring them together into a single game. Then it became a question of what kind of game do we want to bring these characters in."

"There were all sorts of little gameplay demos and prototypes," Kendall continued, "When I talk about the last version of the game before we settled on the current incarnation was this 4v4 capture the flag kind of game."

"It was a class based game where you had fast runners who were good at capturing the flag and taking the flag back to base. You had defensive dudes. We were taking PlayStation characters and using them like archetypes."

"How do we get four dudes looking all looking at the same thing on the screen in the same room and a brawler style game is what was finally landed on,"Kendall added, "Once that was locked in in terms of hiring key personnel like myself, Paul Edwards, our lead combat designer, all of those people started coming in to specifically work on the four player brawler."

Would a CTF game-type have been preferable, or was a fighting game the best route for Battle Royale? Let us know below.

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