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PS All-Stars: Battle Royale Twitter campaign calls for Abe's Odysee, Legend of Dragoon DLC

PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale may not have been well-received at review, but it hasn't stopped scores of fans tweeting Sony for the release of Abe's Oddysee and Legend of Dragoon character DLC. The content was planned for the fighter, but was eventually cancelled after Sony severed ties with developer SuperBot Entertainment.

It follows the reveal of this artwork, which shows renders of Legend of Dragoon star Dart. He was planned as DLC for Sony's bawler, along with Abe.

Linkters reports that fans are now petitioning Sony to release the duo.

Gamers are using the #ReleaseDart and #ReleaseAbe hashtags to show their support.

Would you like to see both characters released? Let us know below.

Thanks MP1st.

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