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PS All-Stars: Battle Royale has 'hundreds of hours of content', says Killian

PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale is a massive game if its recently revealed trophy list is anything to go by. Seth Killian, fighting maestro at Santa Monica Studio has weighed in with even more content information, claiming that the content can last hundreds of hours.

Following his post on PS Blog US, lead game designer Killian discussed the game's content with gamers in the article's comment thread:

"Beyond arcade mode with intros, endings, and rival cut-scenes for every character and all the multiplayer stuff, All-Stars has tons of interesting challenges and trials (both overall trials and character-specific stuff). Certainly it’s hundreds of hours of content there, and a very extensive set of unlocks, from titles, to taunts, to character-specific intro and outro moves, musical themes, badges, etc."

The blog post in question also confirmed that the PS All-Stars: Battle Royale has gone gold, and revealed a brand new launch trailer. Watch it here.

Thanks IGN.

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